Our Installations


Some examples of our work

Neat and safe, reassuringly over specced and up to the latest electrical standards for the UK. We will earth bond your copper gas pipes, install a double pole A-rated RCD and double pole MCBs. Correctly earthed to the vehicle chassis ensuring the cut out on the RCD will work.

I’ve bought my own Victron components, will you be able to instal them for me?

Unfortunately, we cannot to this as it can cause holdups in our tight work schedules, we can also incur costs that we would ultimately have to recover from you. As an example, you have purchased as part of your kit, a Multiplus that had developed a fault and needed to be returned to Victron for repair or replacement.  We could indeed deal with the return and repair under warranty, but we would incur costs in doing so, which you would be charged for, and the project would be delayed until the unit was returned. Had you have bought the Multiplus from us, we would simply swap it for another unit and deal with the returns in our own time. This is because we would be making a modest margin on selling the unit to you, so we are happy the take the risk of the warranty. We set our prices around the same as most retailers, when asked, we will always try to price match reputable dealers that support their customers. We will not price match retailers that just sell Victron kit and don’t offer the pre and post sales expert advice and ongoing support that you would receive from BlueFix.