How BlueFix started

When the COVID pandemic hit us, Luke’s phone stopped ringing for his
property maintenance business and Mark, at that time was looking for a new
venture, something different from his 25 years in IT, networks and commercial
electrical work. Mark had started selling and supporting Victron equipment to
the van life community including Luke. Luke had done some super tidy
installations and was getting noticed, most notably by Victron themselves! As
Mark provided technical support to Luke, it was decided that they should work together
when Victron film the installation. That was that BlueFix was born!

So why work together? Luke and Mark have a common goal which is the ethos
around the way BlueFix works, “always strive to do your best and exceed
the customers’ expectations” BlueFix is about high quality, high value and
it has to look good! We want our customers to love what we do, and we want to
be confident that their installation will cope with what they, the customer,
throws at it! Luke and Mark have skill sets that compliment each other, Mark is
technical and enjoys keeping up with the latest in electrical standards and
innovations, Luke is amazing with his hands, very creative, an excellent
problem solver and super neat!

Mark has had a technical career, his experience in IT and electrical
installations meant that working with Victron equipment was very rewarding.
Mark said “I find working with Victron very exciting, its quite technical
which i really enjoy and I find teaching and explaining this tech to others, greatly
rewarding, being known as “the Victron guy” makes me smile.